Pippa Haywood
Green Wing, Bodyguard, Scott & Bailey

Emma and I worked together both by phone and 'one to one' in person. I had never had to work in a South Wales accent before and felt quite worried that the accent might get in the way of my performance, but Emma soon made feel very confident. Emma was extremely detailed and our sessions together were very focussed. . She was very flexible on timings, extremely professional and helpful and I really enjoyed the process of working with her.I  strongly recommend her to other actors looking for help in becoming confident in any dialect work


Gamba Cole 
Actor - The Offenders, His House, Hannah

'Emma is meticulous, so helpful, patient and makes learning accents feel effortless'

Charles Babalola
Actor - The Offenders, Black Mirror

Emma’s dialect work with me was very detailed and thorough, but also easy going. As we’re both fellow dyslexics, she understood that side of my brain and what would beneficial to the process.


Gareth John Bale
Actor  - Apostle, The Darkest Day, Requiem, Grav (S4C)

'I thoroughly enjoy working with Emma. Whether on a one-to-one basis or in a rehearsal room I have found her knowledge and expertise to be invaluable. Accent work does not come easy for me but Emma's approach has given me confidence to use the skills I've learnt and apply them in auditions and performances.'

Claire Rushbrook
Actress - Enola Holmes, Kiri, Requiem

II am an English actress playing a lead role [for a BBC production], who had to learn a Welsh accent . I had no previous experience of this accent, and found Emma's approach and skill invaluable.


I felt confident by the time it came to shoot, in my accent and have received excellent feedback in this area from cast and crew/producers.


Emma was concise and clear in her teaching. In particular she had great patience and empathy in supporting and guiding me through an area that I felt trepidation about.

She was lovely to be around , and I have no hesitation in recommending her.



Chris Gordon
Actor  - Infinite, The Crown, Bang! (S4C)

Emma’s attention to detail and manner of coaching is unique.  She works with ‘you’ the actor. Emma finds out how an individual works and then applies the appropriate method to get the desired result. It’s not a one size fits all approach and as someone who has found vocal and accent work very difficult in the past, this approach is refreshing. My dyslexia has never been an obstruction in sessions, but actually aids my work due to Emma framing things differently to other coaches. 

 I now use Emma for every job.. regardless of its nature. She will add, hone and release me to do my best work. I highly recommend!

Penelope Mitchell
Actress -Vampire Diaries, Hellboy

Just wanted to take a moment to say thank you so much with all of your help with my character! It was so helpful having your support on set and it was great fun working with you in prep. Thanks for giving me your time and love - it really meant a lot :)


Darren Evans
Actor - A Cat Called Bob, Submarine, My Mad Fat Diary

"Emma's lessons have helped me a great deal in my career path as an actor and I already find myself much more confident in attacking accents than I was before and not only are they a great help they are great fun too"

Geinor Styles
Artistic Director , Theatr Na nOg

Emma is unique in her ability to assist actors, not only on achieving the correct accent, but Emma is invaluable in assessing very quickly how to get the best from an actor by making them feel  secure. She is extremely perceptive. Emma is always professional and is an absolute dream to work with. Emma can improve a performance by giving actors precise and key direction which not only improves their accent/voice, but assists their performance holistically, with at times miraculous results.


Roberto Patino
Producer, Writer, Westworld, Sons of Anarchy

Emma was a critical and effective part of our production team. Her guidance and voice coaching imbued our actors with a sense of confidence with their lines, and thus the courage and freedom to take risks with their performances, elevating the entire production to a whole new level. Her knowledge of accents is thorough; her instincts are on point; her presence and commitment to her productions are unwavering; and, best of all, she is a truly kind and wonderful person to work with. I can't recommend her enough

Sioned Geraint
Commissioner for Children S4C

I enjoyed every minute of the sessions it's been great starting to train my ear to new sounds and I'll be sure to think of you if I ever need a voice coach for anyone.


Pooneh Hajimohammadi
The Machine, Word with Gods

'I am an Iranian actress that moved to UK 8 years ago. During that time I wanted to improve my accent but found it difficult to know where to start or what the best methods might be. It is very difficult to improve your accent without an expert who knows how the English sounds are formed guiding you. After my first lesson I could tell straight away that there was an improvement in the clarity of my diction.  Now after 6 months my voice and accent is improving all of the time. More importantly I know lots of techniques that i can employ to continue to improve on my own. Emma is very professional,  each new lesson is always challenging and different. I highly recommend her classes for actors or people who want to have a clear English accent.'


Lee Lyford, Theatre Royal Bath
Young People’s Theatre Artistic Director, Theatre Royal Bath

I have been lucky enough to work with/employ Emma Stevens-Johnson as a voice and accent coach a number of times during the last few years on a variety of productions. I have always found her work to be exemplary and her attention to detail impressive. She is a joy to work with and my first port of call when I require accent coaching. I thoroughly recommend her for any future projects you may have.

Roy Smiles, Playwright
Author of Ying Tong, Phythonesque, Kurt & Sid, Year of the Rat.

I have worked with Emma on many productions and found her ear for accents near perfect. She is an excellent voice coach and will always giver her actors help and confidence. Worth her weight in gold.